Hott Shott

Are you a Hott Shott? Join us Wednesday nights at 7:00 for a fun putting game called Hott Shott.

Randomly drawn teams compete for prizes and the title of Killer B Hot Shot! Just $3. BYOB. Buzz Bucks payout. Starts Jan. 9. Get there early to sign in.

This is a great game for all ages. If you can putt, you can play. If your putting needs work, this game is sure to help!

New for 2013
  • Now that we've moved into our new building, we've got tons of space so we'll have four shooters going at once! That means more head-to-head-to-head-to-head competition each night!
  • Pete May and the Hippodrome has challenged Killer B to a monthly team challenge. All-star teams are being assembled for the first such challenge in the world! Want to get in on the action? Form a team of 5 shooters and join in the fun. Trash talking encouraged.
  • Warning: The new building can get chilly, so dress warmly!